Thank you for visiting the only place in the world where you can purchase thin-ferroelectric-film capacitors for self-education, experimentation, hobby projects, or products. Ferroelectric memory capacitors are the heart of the new FErroelectric RAM IC memories now available commercially. FeRAM makes possible embedded microprocessors with main memory that never forgets, fast RFID tags without batteries, or remote memories that run on little bits of energy harvested from the environment. Here you can purchase ferroelectric capacitors that will retain data for up to 10 years, build your own two-bit ferroelectric memories using hobby microprocessors, or purchase a full-function ferroelectric tester called the Radiant EDU to teach yourself the physics of ferroelectric materials.

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About Radiant Technologies, Inc.

Radiant Technologies, Inc. has been developing ferroelectric film technology and products since 1988. We are located in Albuquerque, NM, USA. Radiant is the foremost manufacturer in the world for non-linear materials test equipment. Radiant operates its own integrated circuit fabrication facility for discrete thin-ferroelectric-film capacitors and holds more than 30 patents pertaining to the technology and its test requirements.

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Fab the Ferroelectric IC

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Hook it into a circuit

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