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Ferroelectric Components Store - Domestic Shipping Only

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Shipping Information

Shipping within the United States and Canada is free!  For purchases from outside the United States or Canada, do not use the shopping cart. Contact Radiant Technologies using this link: Request for Quotation.  Shipping will be assessed based on the order total.

Ferroelectric Capacitors

$50.00 each 
     AD103 (10,000 square micron area)  -  0.16um-thick 3/20/80 PNZT  -  2 capacitors per package.

Sawyer - Tower Board

     The Sawyer-Tower board requires an external oscilloscope and function generator for operation.  Order capacitors separately.  

Radiant EDU

     The EDU is a complete test system requiring no external instrumentation.  Order capacitors separately.

EDU Bundle

Fe Caps     Quantity 5
Radiant EDU               Quantity 1

Sawyer-Tower Bundle

Fe Caps    
Quantity 5
Sawyer Tower Board   
Quantity 1
12" Coax Cables
Quantity 2

Single Bit Memory Board


The SBM Display Board consists of an autonomous memory constructed with discrete bipolar components, a battery pack, a ramp generator, a datum display circuit, and input switches.

Write with push buttons. Read with LEDs!

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