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Ferroelectric Capacitors

$50.00 Each

AD103 (10,000 square micron area)  -  0.16um-thick 3/20/80 PNZT  
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Radiant EDU


The EDU is a complete test system requiring no external instrumentation. Order capacitors separately.

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Sawyer-Tower Bundle

$156.00 Each

Quantity of

Fe Caps
Sawyer Tower Board    
12" Coax Cables
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Sawyer - Tower Board


The Sawyer-Tower board requires an external oscilloscope and function generator for operation. Order capacitors separately.

EDU Bundle Square
EDU Bundle


Quantity of

Fe Caps5
Radiant EDU           1
List 6
Single Bit Memory Board

The SBM Display Board consists of an autonomous memory constructed with discrete bipolar components, a battery pack, a ramp generator, a datum display circuit, and input switches.

Write with push buttons. Read with LEDs!